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Rumparooz Newborn Cover

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The Rump•a•rooz® (Rumparooz) Newborn / Preemie Diaper Coveris designed to grow with your tiny baby.Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Covers are generously sized and fit over any fitted or prefold diaper. Covers may be used multiple times before washing. Cover should be placed into the laundry if it become soiled. When wet, the Rumparooz Diaper Cover can be wiped dry.

Newborn / Preemie Cover = 3 Sizes in One! 
The Rumparooz Newborn / Preemie Diaper Covers have 3 adjustable rise settings that are designed to fit your tiny baby from 4 - 12 lbs with 1 cover. 




My Personal Review:

{My little girl at 3 weeks old and just over 10lbs}

Rating: 5/5

Facts: The Rumparooz cover is “softer” than some other waterproof material because it is made with TPU versus the traditional PUL. It has double gussets in the legs and elastic in both the front and back along the top of the diaper. It has three rise snaps, six waist snaps, and is available in Aplix and Snap closure. Rumparooz states this cover will fit a newborn 4-12lbs.

Fit: I am a huge fan of how these covers fit for a newborn. The double gussets keep mess in and the front elastic folds over prefolds nicely. It also doesn’t have to be as tight because of the front and back elastic on the top. My daughter was just over 9lbs when she was born. The covers fit right away and did tuck under her umbilical stump easily. In the photo she is over 10lbs and because she’s pretty long, she is most comfortable in the second rise snap. I predict this cover will fit her well past the 12lb mark.

Faults: What bothers me most about this cover is the tag in the back on the inside. It gets damp easily and takes a little while to dry out but it is in no way a deal breaker, just slightly annoying.

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