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RLR Laundry Treatment



Do you have stinky or leaking cloth diapers? Are your white clothes dull? Do you have hard water? If so, the RLR may be your solution!

RLR Laundry Treatment is the best and easiest product to use to strip your cloth diapers.

RLR also works wonders for those who have hard water. It gets all the extra detergent and build up OUT of your cloth diapers!! RLR is very simple to use and can make a big difference.

RLR was originally developed as a once a month treatment that can be used on all washable fabrics, both for whites & colors. RLR Laundry Treatment is NOT a soap or bleach. It is a special treatment to remove dulling dried in particles from fabric. It leaves your white clothes whiter and your colored clothing brighter.

RLR Laundry Treatment contains no dyes, perfumes or phosphates, is completely bio-degradable and non-polluting.


During regular washing, mineral deposits in the water; dirt and soil sediments; and residual matter from detergent all accumulate in the fabric causing it to look dingy. RLR Laundry Treatment works by removing these particles from the clothing and cloth diapers, and holding them in suspension in the water. This prevents them being re-deposited so they can rinse away leaving fabric looking like new.
We recommend using RLR Laundry Treatment on your cloth diapers when a problem with leaking is encountered, and then again monthly as a preventative measure. We also use RLR Laundry Treatment once a month on all of our white laundry to help stay white!

How to use RLR on regular Laundry
Open package and empty directly on dry or wet laundry in washing machine. Wash as usual with detergent. RLR Laundry Treatment can also be used for handwashing of one or two small pieces of clothing--just use a small amount in a basin of water. The amount of RLR added is the same in a front loader or a top loading washing machine.

How to Use RLR for stripping cloth diapers
Fill washer to highest setting with warm water, add 1 packet of RLR for top loaders or 1/2 packet for front loaders. Next add up to 60 diaper items (30 inserts, 30 diapers or 20 diapers 40 inserts etc.) Soak for 30 minutes and then run a normal wash cycle. Rinse & spin twice, hang dry diaper shells & dry your inserts in the dryer. RLR Laundry Treatment contains no dyes, perfumes or phosphates, is completely bio-degradable and non-polluting.

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