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Premium Prefold Diapers



Premium sized prefold's are long lasting and perfect for babies who are a little older and need space and absorbency in their diapers. With a 4x8x4 absorbency, and the versatility only a prefold can offer, these diapers are a great option for the budget and eco-conscious parent. 


Product Overview:

Premium sized prefold's measure in at 14.5"x 22" unwashed - once prepped these diapers will shrink about 20%-25% and will quilt up to be soft and fluffy. Babies will best fit in the premium size from about 15-30 pounds; however, these diapers are so multi-purpose, you'll find use out of them even after your baby has "out-grown" them. The best way to extend the life of your prefolds is to tri-fold them right into a cover but you can also use them as burp cloths or dust rags. 

Prepping & Care:

We recommend doing a 4-5 hot washes, drying in-between washes, in order to fully prep these diapers. Why so many washes? Prefolds are all-natural cotton and cotton has natural oils in the fibers. Running them through hot washes strips away these natural oils and brings the prefolds to their maximum absorbency so you won't have any leakage issues.


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