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Newborn Prefold Diaper (Size 1 Betterfit)

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When cloth diapering a newborn, cost is a big factor. Really, how can you justify cloth for something a little one is only going to wear for a few months?? The answer - prefolds. Prefolds are the most inexpensive cloth diapering option, made of all natural materials so only the best for your new addition, and can be reused for so many things that they'll never go unused even after baby grows out of them.  


These soft and squishy little rectangles of fabric are about 10"x14" unwashed (they will quilt up and shrink when washed) and will fit a baby until about 10 pounds. After baby can no longer be snappied into these, you can always trifold them into a cover, stuff them into a pocket, or use them as burp cloths. 

For newborns we recommend AT LEAST 24 diaper changes to wash every other day. Realistically you should have at least 30. These are not waterproof and will need a cover. Check out our selection of newborn covers and pick at least 6 or 7. Covers can be reused several times but if poop gets on them you'll want to change them out (and newborns poop A LOT). 

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