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Myrrh by Herbally Grounded



Traditionally, myrrh has been used to treat arthritis, digestive problems, painful menstruation, respiratory infections, leprosy, syphilis, cancers, sore throats, asthma, coughs, and even bad breath. 


Today, use of myrrh is very similar although scientists are discovering a few of the reasons why myrrh works as it does. Myrrh is thought to stimulate the production of white blood cells, making it a possible treatment of conditions where an antimicrobial agent is needed. One source suggests using myrrh as a specific treatment for “infections in the mouth such as mouth ulcers, gingivitis, pyorrhea, as well as the catarrhal problems of pharyngitis and sinusitis. Myrrh may also help with laryngitis and respiratory complaints. Systemically, it is of value in the treatment of boils and similar conditions as well as glandular fever and brucellosis (a widespread infectious febrile disease affecting cattle, swine, and goats and sometimes man). It is often used as part of an approach to the treatment of the common cold. Externally it is healing to the skin and an antiseptic for wounds and abrasions (Hoffmann). Commission E, a body of scientists that set standards for herbal usage in Germany, has endorsed the use of powdered myrrh as a treatment for mild inflammations of the mouth and throat due to myrrh’s tannin content 

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