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Fuzzibuns One Size Elite Pocket DIaper



What makes the FuzziBunz One Size different than all of the other One Size diapers on the market today? It comes with replacement parts! The last thing you want to happen when your baby reaches age two and is not yet potty trained is to have your reusable diapers go out on you. With the Patent Pending Easy Replace Elastic system - you can adjust the sizing internally without a maze of snaps on the front and if it goes out you can easily replace it!


We love these diapers for their versatility, sleek design, and trimness. They're especially great for small babies because of the narrow crotch but fit babies of all shapes and sizes well and can truly be from birth to potty training. 

The sizing is simple, and the diaper comes with replaceable elastic which is a nice bonus. Also, the two sizes of minky microfiber inserts that come with this diaper are SOOO soft and make stuffing the pockets much more enjoyable. Like most pocket diapers, the Fuzzibuns Elite has a stay dry microfleece liner which makes baby feel dryer for longer and an impenetrable PUL outter. 



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