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Tip #27 - {Disposables Are Ok}
Friday , 07 December 2012 , 09 : 35 AM

This “tip” hits close to home today. I believe every baby should be cloth diapered – I wouldn’t be very good at what I did if I wasn’t passionate about this. The world would be a cleaner place if more people cloth diapered but that doesn’t mean those who cloth diaper can’t use disposables – they can, and they do. And it’s okay!

There’s a lot of guilt in the cloth diapering world when it comes to using disposables and it shouldn’t be this way. The truth is that it isn’t always possible to use cloth all the time – maybe you’re on vacation, maybe your using a rash cream or medication that’s not good for your cloth, maybe you’re just using them for the newborn stage or maybe you’ve tried different nighttime diapering options over and over again and just need to not wake up in a puddle for once. Whatever you reasoning (and you really don’t need one), be okay with using disposables if you need to, and be okay with others that use disposables. 

There’s enough judgment in the world – let’s not add to it :) That is all – my tip is just to be tolerant. Olivia got a pretty bad diaper rash the other day when she pooped like a million times in one day. Most of it cleared up quickly but the rash got super irritated that day on the creases of her groin, breaking the skin a little, and even my gentlest cloth diapers, mixed with my usual rash cream, rubbed at it :( So for a few diapers today she was in disposables to help the irritation.