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Tip #24 - {Tip from a Dad – Make a Changing Station}
Tuesday , 27 November 2012 , 05 : 29 PM
This is a tip from my hubby, James. After almost a month of coming up with tips all on my own, I sought the advice of my husband since he cloth diapers just as much as I do!

His tip? Make a changing station and make sure that everything you need to change a diaper is easily accessible. This may seem obvious but with cloth diapers, you tend to have a little more “stuff” and not having it all handy can make for a very difficult diaper change. 

So have a little box with your wipe spray, wipes, and liners right next to your changing station along with a bigger box with your diapers. Also, have a toy or something shiny and fun and just for diaper changes to keep your baby’s attention 

What’s in your changing station?