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Tip #23 - {The, uh, Poop on Poop}
Tuesday , 27 November 2012 , 05 : 29 PM

“So what do you do with the poop???”

This is, surprisingly, a question I’m asked often (even by my own mother). And so, because it is something that comes up quite often, here are my suggestions for dealing with your baby’s poop. I will also point out that as long as your baby is exclusively breastfed, and not eating any solids, all their diapers, including the poopy ones, can get thrown right into the washer. The following suggestions for poop management are for after baby starts eating solids.

1. Diaper Sprayer
Easy to install and easy to use, a diaper sprayer is an awesome tool to have. Downside is that it’s expensive (usually about $45) but if you’re handy, or have a handy partner, there are tutorials on how to make your own diaper sprayer for about $25 bucks. And if you get a diaper sprayer before baby comes, it’s great for postpartum clean-up (with the water pressure turned down!).

2. Dunk & Swish
Probably my least favorite removal method, only because it’s messy and not super-efficient, the dunk and swish is exactly what it sounds like – you dunk the diaper in the toilet, swish, and hope all the poop comes off. Benefit: it’s free. Downside? It is messy and unless you want to swish in a toilet filled with poop, you’ll probably have to flush a few times, wasting water. This method works awesome for some families, though!

3. Scrape & Rinse
This is the method I do most days because I find it easy and quick. You use a tool, like a butter knife or an old spatula, to scrap the poop off into the toilet. You can be done there or you can rinse the diaper to remove any remaining solids (I have a slop sink next to my washer so this is easy for me). 

I end up doing a mix of all of the above depending on how many poopy diapers are in my load that day and what they look like. Sometimes it’s easy to just shake the poop into the toilet and sometimes it’s a little more work than that. What’s your poop management method?