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Tip #22 - {Making Fleece Liners}
Tuesday , 27 November 2012 , 05 : 28 PM
This is a “point out the obvious” kind of tip I love fleece liners – they’re a great reusable option if you’re wanting poop clean-up to be easier, they are stay dry for babies that don’t like the wet feeling you have with natural fibers, and they’re great for protecting your diapers from rash creams. 

They’re easy enough to make and if you need/want a bunch, some times that’s the best way to go. You can use old fleece blankets or buy a yard of fleece fabric. You can customize the size but I usually like them the same size as an infant diaper insert, about 14”x5”. And since fleece doesn’t fray, you can just cut and use. If you do buy the fleece new, though, I would wash them once before use to get the manufacturing residue off of it.

And it’s that easy!