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Tip #21 - {Choosing a Wetbag}
Tuesday , 27 November 2012 , 05 : 28 PM
There are a lot of wetbag options – zip closure or string closure? Small, medium, or large? Is a “dry” feature really important? How many diapers can each sized bag hold?

My personal favorite are the Planetwise brand because they’re a high quality and work great for many things (see our tip post about additional wetbag uses!). They have a small, medium, and large size and tons of cute prints and colors. These are general estimates, but here’s what I’ve found as far as my wetbag capacity goes:

Small – About 1-2 diapers (2 is kinda pushing it). Perfect for a quick trip where you’ll only be needing one diaper change. 

Medium – About 5 or 6 diapers, depending on the type you use. These are great for all day out-and-about use since they hold a good amount of diapers. Also, Planetwise has a medium wet/dry bag that includes a “dry” zipped area in the front of the bag for your clean diapers, clean wipes, dry cloths… whatever you wanna put in it!

Large – About 10-12 diapers. I like these for keeping next to the changing table to accumulate the days’ worth of diapers. You’ll need 3 for this to be your dirty diaper storage system – 2 for each day between washing and 1 for during wash day - but a lot of families like to keep the bag from the day before in the laundry room and use a clean wetbag every morning. 

I have a few wetbags that aren’t Planetwise and they aren’t my favorite but most work just fine. One is just a string closure and my issue with it is the PUL got tacky after a few washes and made it hard to close all the way. 

What types of wetbag do you use, or have you used, and why do you like/dislike it??