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Tip #17 - {Nighttime Diapering}
Tuesday , 27 November 2012 , 05 : 25 PM
Do you suffer from nighttime leaks? Do you have to change your baby in the middle of the night just so they don’t wake up in a puddle of pee?

You’re not alone. I was in your boat… I was drowning in the proverbial pee creek with no paddle. It got to the point where I really wanted to just buy a pack of disposables to use overnight. But... well, i'm stubborn, and couldn't give up on my cloth diapers.
I was having to change my baby at least once during the night to not wake up soaked but the diaper changes interrupted her sleeping and weren’t fun for anyone involved. I needed a solution and lucky for us, I found two that I’ll share with you.

The first solution was to add a doubler – and not just any doubler, but a thick Thirsties hemp insert. That, coupled with the microfiber insert, stuffed inside my pocket diapers, is bulletproof. 

But I also had some fitted diapers and soon realized that those were bulletproof too! The natural fibers (bamboo in my case) were super absorbent and really lasted through the night. 

What do these two solutions have in common? They both work because they are both natural fibers. Compared to synthetics like microfiber, natural fibers like cotton or hemp will absorb a lot more and are also not going to leak if you have a tummy sleeper. Prefold users are in luck, since prefolds are absorbent cotton, but adding a hemp insert to your prefold can be a trim boost for you nighttime diaper if just one prefold isn’t cutting it.

What is your nighttime diapering solution?