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Tip #15 - {Combating Compression Leaks}
Saturday , 17 November 2012 , 11 : 39 AM
Do you get leaks at inopportune times, but your baby’s diaper isn’t soaked? Does your shirt or baby’s clothing feel damp after a ride in your baby carrier? You’re probably dealing with a compression leak!

Today I had a discussion with a few moms about compression leaks in their pocket diapers and I felt it was important enough to share with all of you because it’s not something you hear much about (or really even comprehend, honestly) until it happens to you. 
So what is a compression leak? Well, it’s exactly as it sounds – a leak caused by compression. It is an issue almost exclusive to diapers with synthetic materials (such as microfiber inserts in pocket diapers or AIO’s) and can be a real problem if you have a heavy wetter. Times where compression leaks are common include bedtime/naptime if you have a tummy sleeper, when baby is being worn in a carrier, and when baby is in a car seat. Any position that places pressure on baby’s diaper could potentially cause a compression leak. 

How do we combat this? If you have a stash with a ton of microfiber, replacing all of those inserts can be both costly and unnecessary. I suggest getting a few thin hemp inserts (Hemp Babies Doublers are awesome). You add them under your microfiber insert – so against the outer layer in a pocket diaper – and your diaper is almost bulletproof against compression leaks! It’s amazing what a thin little layer of natural fiber can do! And you don’t need a ton, just enough to get you through your usual outtings or babywearing times.

For nighttime, to not only add a lot of absorbency but also to prevent compression leaks, you can fold a prefold under your microfiber insert too. This is an inexpensive fix that is sooo effective. It is a little bulky so for out-and-about and during the day it’s not as practical but would still definitely work. 

Have any of you dealt with compression leaks? What was your solution??