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Tip #14 - {Caring for Velcro}
Saturday , 17 November 2012 , 11 : 38 AM

Hope you’re having a great day! I thought I’d share my tips on keeping your velcro tabs in tip-top shape. These are great tips for any velcro user (whether it’s on diapers or not). I love this tip because if you keep your velcro in great shape from early on, it'll last much longer and you'll be a happy cloth diaperer :)

Velcro (or hook&loop or aplix, whatever) is fantastic for many reasons but it also has its pitfalls – namely that the velcro wears out over time. So here are some simple ways to preserve your Velcro so they last a good long time. 

1. Always, always, always secure the velcro before washing. Most brands come with a Velcro launder tab that makes it easy and quick to do. But some brands are better than others so if your velcro is coming undone in the washer, which brings me to… 

2. If your launder tabs aren’t doing the job anymore, attach the velcro to the front of the diaper *backwards*. The strip on the front of the diaper is going to hold those tabs much better than the launder tabs. I’ve even done this from the get-go with a few velcro covers and I’ve found it works much better at preserving the velcro than just the launder tabs.

3. Be careful of too much heat. Most velcro can withstand a few hundred degrees of heat but after a hot wash (which is usually over 100 degrees) a few days a week for a year, the heat takes its toll, especially if you use a dryer to dry your diapers. A few ways to help this is obviously to line dry your diapers and protect them from that heat, and also doing only one hot wash coupled with cold rinses.

4. Be careful of natural fibers & be diligent about combing out your velcro. The natural fibers tend to shed, embedding your velcro with little strands that make it less sticky. Keep a paperclip, or something similar (I’ve even heard of mom’s using their snappi’s!), nearby when you’re putting away your clean diapers to pick these little fibers out of the velcro. If you leave the fibers, and it starts to build up, it can deform your hooks and make it less effective, even if you clean it out later on.

You can also replace your velcro if it’s really bad. Most companies actually sell replacement kits (we have bumGenius one’s in the boutique) that is easy enough to do if you have any sewing skills. Otherwise there are seamstresses that will fix the Velcro for a dollar or two a diaper. It’s pricey but much cheaper than having to buy a new diaper!

Do you do anything special with your velcro diapers? How do you keep them in tip-top shape?