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Tip #13 - {Help! My diapers are leaking!}
Saturday , 17 November 2012 , 11 : 37 AM

Oh, leaks are inevitable, whether you use cloth or sposies. The truth is, baby’s poop and pee A LOT and diapers aren’t magical. Buuut there’s a difference between an explosion of poop and getting a warm puddle of pee in your lap a few minutes after you’ve changed your baby. 

So what are the culprits to leaking? Knowing what can cause it can help you diagnose where your problem lies: 

Funky Fit:
An improper fit is often an innocent culprit when experiencing leaks. Any gaps in the legs can allow pee to run right out onto baby’s cloths (or yours!) and a loose fit around the waist can spell trouble for little boys. Diapers that are too tight have issues as well, though, especially those with microfiber. The microfiber is prone to compression leaks and if the fit is too tight, it’s a recipe for leakage. 

Not Properly Prepped:
While the general recommendation is to wash natural fibers 3-4 times on hot to prep them, the truth is that full absorbency isn’t usually reached until 9-10 washes. I recommend you do the prep washes, then change baby often for the first few weeks until your diapers are “broken in”. If your diapers are new and leaking, they may just need some more washing. Also, if you’ve prepped your natural fibers with the synthetic ones, your microfiber and microfleece may have some of those natural oils trapped in them, causing them to repel. 

Whether it’s detergent or oils from rash creams, build-up can cause repelling in your diapers, making them leak. Run your diapers through a few hot washes to strip them and be more aware of what may be causing the repelling. 

Not Changing Baby Often Enough:
This is the biggest reason for leaks – leaving baby in the diaper too long. If you’re constantly experiencing leaks, you may have a heavy wetter so add extra absorbency or get a few more diapers so you can change baby more often. 

These are just a few reasons but good to keep in the back of your head :) Hope these help! We're almost half-way through November already! Crazy!