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I need your advice { please } + more free stuff
Sunday , 11 November 2012 , 05 : 14 PM
Are you on the fence about cloth diapering? Maybe you like the idea of doing it but when you really think about it, your head spins with the overload of information out there - what type of diaper should you choose? Where do you buy them? How do you take care of them and how much is this all going to cost? The questions are seemingly endless...

I know. I was in your shoes not that long ago and like a lot of people I gave up before I even began trying. Luckily... I revisited it soon after my daughter was born and took the plunge... but only after hours and hours of self research (hours I didn’t really have with a newborn baby!).

Now that I own Well Rounded Baby, I hear the same concerns and fears from families that come in. Thankfully I get to help them with the cloth diapering class offered at the boutique and one on one tutorials. They all rave about how much better they feel after having someone clearly explain exactly what they need to get started.

But with as many people as I get to help, there are still tons of families that can’t make it to my class, don’t live in Las Vegas, or don’t have the support necessary to succeed with cloth diapering.

How this whole thing started:

After giving a couple that came into the boutique an hour of one-on-one assistance, the dad turned to me and asked, “Have you ever thought of doing a class online?”

It was a great idea but one I couldn’t wrap my head around. I mean, I’m very knowledgeable but I’m not the end-all-be-all of cloth diapering. I still learn new things everyday and am always growing my cloth diaper knowledge. 

But... that I could still translate what I do know (which is quite a bit) into a class designed to help others cloth diaper successfully, right? Right??

Wait... but it’s not that simple is it?

Being trusted to help that many people, with something so important, is a heavy load.  Am I the right person to do it?  Would I be able to teach everything they need to know? If I did this, I would be putting myself and my family out there for the world to see. Would I be up for that?

Then it hit me. I was spending all this energy thinking about how doing this would affect me.  What about the desperate parents that were on the verge of settling for disposables and giving up on all the good things cloth could do for them?  

I had to do it.

But I’m not going at it alone.  I’m hoping you guys can help.

The first class will be in about a month, but the lesson plan is still a bit flexible.  I’ve had some incredible opportunities to talk to families about their cloth concerns but it would be huge if you could tell me what you would like to learn.  

And... of course, because I love to give stuff away...  If you answer one question and leave a comment below you’ll be entered into a drawing where 3 lucky families will win free entries to the first class. 

The giveaway ends 11/21/12 at 12 noon Pacific


P.S.  As a bonus, everyone who completes the class will get a credit to our online store that will help you buy your first diapers and start your stash.  That makes the giveaway even better :)