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Tip #9 - {The Sun is Magic}
Sunday , 11 November 2012 , 05 : 07 PM

I know, right? Duh, of course the sun is magic. But when it comes to cloth diapers, the sun is your not-quiet-hidden ally. Why? 

The sun has the power to remove even the worst stains from your diapers and sanitize them in the process. Even in places where the sun isn’t shining brightly, and it’s cold outside, the power of the sun isn’t nullified. 

How do you reap these benefits? Well, run your diapers through a normal wash, making sure they’re nice and squeaky clean. Then dry them laying flat outside. Check on them after an hour or so – if they’re dry but still stained, take them back inside and wet them under a faucet and return them outside. The trick is to keep them wet until the stain is removed. Sometimes if the sun is weak, this could take awhile. Be patient, it’s worth it to see those stains gone. If it’s hot, though, be careful not to leave them in direct sunlight too long or you can do some damage to your elastic or PUL. 

Some things that are noteable – you can sun from inside too. Leave the diaper on a windowsill and keep rewetting. The powers may be diminished but it’ll help. Also, throwing them into the dryer after they’re sunned with a few wool dryer balls for a couple minutes will soften everything up nicely. 

I’ve noticed that my microfiber doesn’t “sun bleach” as nicely as my natural fiber fitteds, AIO's and prefolds. I don’t mind since the microfiber is hidden in my pockets but just something I’ve discovered from personal experience. 

Have you sunned your diapers?