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Tip #8 - {When I Recommend Velcro Over Snaps}
Friday , 09 November 2012 , 10 : 18 AM

I am a huge snaps fan. Aesthetically I like the way they look over hook & loop (also known as velcro, or aplix, depending on the brand). They also tend to last longer and have a higher resale value, if you’re interested in swapping or selling them later on. I will also say, because I use snaps for most of my stash, I am fast with them and can do it by feel.

BUT I also love my velcro selection for certain situations and here they are:

1. Newborns/Small Babies
Velcro enclosures cross over at the waist, making it possible to get a tighter fit. Because the waist fits tighter, the legs will also cinch in, and you won’t get leaks. My favorite one-size brand for smaller babies is Rumparooz pocket diapers in case you were wondering.

2. Squirmy Babies 
Velcro is fast and easy, making it ideal for very wiggly babies, especially older babies that want to turn over and crawl, or get up and walk. Note: for older babies, I usually recommend putting some pants or a onsie on over the velcro diapers so they’re not tempted to mess with it. 

3. Daycare/Babysitters
For people who aren’t used to cloth, and may prefer the simplicity of a disposable over the “complexity” of cloth, velcro is amazing. I also recommend you get pocket diapers for this particular group of people and leave them prestuffed. Then it really is just as simple as a disposable diaper.

4. Middle of the Night Changes
Who wants to wrestle with snaps in the middle of the night? If your baby is still waking up needing to be changed, a velcro closure will make it easier to do this without waking them up too much and without too much effort on your part.
5. When You’re Out & About
Same as middle of the night changes, who wants to wrestle with snaps on a strange changing table, or even worse, in the car? The ability to make it quick and easy is in your benefit when you have a baby squirming on a questionable changing table 4 feet above the ground. 

What do you use, velcro or snaps? Or do you have a little bit of each??