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Tip #7 - {Making Cloth Wipes}
Friday , 09 November 2012 , 10 : 17 AM

Let me spin you a yarn… When I first started cloth diapering, we used disposable wipes. To save money we had bought a ton before my daughter was even born and so I put the cloth wipe choice out of my mind for a while. But… it made cloth diapering more difficult than it needed to be. Not only did I have another step of throwing the wipes away, but if I missed one, I’d find it attached to the Velcro on my diapers, which caused me to spend 5 minutes each diaper picking out all the remnants. 

So, even though the savings of switching to cloth wipes wasn’t as big as with the diapers, I convinced my husband that we needed to at least try. Here enters my cheap, and sometimes useless, choices in choosing my cloth wipes. I tried baby wash clothes, cut up receiving blankets (I didn’t sew them – it was a disaster – however I could have purchase pinking shears to keep the edges from fraying but didn’t), and even a few regular wash cloths. I didn’t like any of them but I really liked the concept of cloth wipes so….

I broke down and bought some wipes because I was convinced I’d like it, I just needed some quality ones. And I did love them and still do. I just couldn’t afford to have as many as I needed to always use a cloth wipe.

And here comes in the solution – sewing my flannel receiving blankets to make wipes. I have very basic sewing skills, so this intimidated me at first, but it was super simple and they make awesome wipes. Here’s whatcha do:

1. Find a bunch of fabric you can repurpose. No need to go to the fabric store (unless you want to) because I guarantee you’ll find exactly what you need in your house. Look for old tshirts, old wash rags and towels, or the gazillion receiving blankets you got at your baby shower – anything goes as long as it’s mostly cotton, otherwise it may just smear around poop like those polyester baby wash cloths I disliked. 

2. Get a pair of good scissors and a basic sewing machine. If you have a fancy machine with a serger you’ve got it easy but just a basic machine will do as well. 

3. Cut out your squares. I personally like 8x8 so cut my squares a little bigger than that. 

4. If you want to turn&topstich the squares, then face the “pretty” side of your fabric together and sew around the edges, leaving a small space to turn them. I cut the corners of my square, as close to the seam as I can get, so that the corners poke out and the square will lay flat. Also, I don’t do topstitching (remember my basic skills?) so I just turned and finished the small edge opening. They’re perfect that way. 

5. If you want to serge the edges, leave them face up and finish off the edges. You can also just sew around the edges and allow the fabric to fray, if you don’t have a serger, but I don’t like the mess and I think the small amount of time it takes to turn the wipes is worth it in the long run.

And you’re done! You have some cloth wipes! This is in no way the only way to do it – it’s just some good suggestions to go off of :)

Did any of your make your own wipes? How did you do it and what materials did you use??