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Tip #6 - {When to Use a Reusable Liner}
Tuesday , 06 November 2012 , 12 : 56 PM

I love to recommend reusable diaper liners because they are so easy and have a lot of practical uses. Here are just a few times when I really think they’re really helpful:

1. To Keep Baby’s Bum Dry
Most reusable liners are made of microfleece which is a stay-dry material. Some baby’s don’t like feeling wet, especially when you’re using natural fibers against baby’s skin like cotton or bamboo, so adding a liner is an easy way to keep baby feeling dryer longer.

2. To Prevent Repelling
Most creams that you should avoid contain zinc oxide, which can be a problem for your cloth diapers. But zinc oxide on its own isn’t the problem, normally – it’s that popular diaper rash creams, like Desitin, contain a very high amount of oil and a very small amount of water. It just doesn’t rinse out properly and the oil lingers, traps the zinc oxide, and that build-up can cause staining, smell issues, and moisture repelling. Using a liner as a barrier between your baby’s skin and your diapers can allow you to use these effective, but harsh on your diapers, creams without having to switch over to disposables.

3. To Catch the Mess
Liners can be a great way to clean up poopy diapers, since most of the mess will get caught by the liner. This is especially nice with diapers that have elastic nooks and crannies as well as flats or prefolds that have a lot of surface area you’d have to spray down. Instead of spraying, dunking, swishing or whatever with your diapers, you just have a small piece of fleece to deal with, making it more manageable.

4. They Can Prevent Stains
There are times where baby’s poop is more likely to stain like when you first start introducing solids (blueberry’s are notorious for diaper staining) or when you have to give baby a medication. Using a diaper liner as a “just in case” can keep your diapers looking fresh and new.

Keep in mind that in most of these circumstances, especially when dealing with diaper rash creams, your liners should be washed separately. This can be just a quick scrub in the sink before throwing them in with your regular diaper laundry. 

Do you use reusable diaper liners?