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[what do you think] Time to take back our babies’ butts?
Tuesday , 06 November 2012 , 12 : 51 PM

It’s only been 65 years since the first mass marketed disposable diaper was introduced. Since then, billions of them have been used and they’ve generated hundreds of millions of tons of waste that will sit in our landfills for generations, not to mention the pollution created while producing them and the strain they’ve placed on our natural resources.  

They’ve only been around for a little while but through powerful marketing they quickly became the norm. In most circles, you are looked at as the “crazy hippie” for using cloth diapers (trust us - we’ve been there!).  

We truly feel its time to change that... 

When we first began running the Well Rounded Baby boutique we thought our job was just to sell some cute fluff. Now... we realize that it’s much much bigger than that. Our mission should be to help as many families as possible see the benefits of cloth and that they can do it too! (because the world needs more cute fluffy butts) 

One way we do that now is with our cloth diaper classes at our Las Vegas location offered every other month. They’ve been great and everyone who takes them raves about how much they learn... and how they know they can do it now. Another way is by helping every mom who walks into our boutique feel as though they are equipped to take on cloth diapering. 

But we also see how limiting the class alone, or even in person help, can be.  Not everyone can make it to the classes. Not everyone can wait for the next class to start. Heck... not everyone is in Vegas! :) 

So... now we’re working on a new way. 

A new online cloth diapering class is in the works and it’s shaping up to be big. It doesn’t matter where you live, what your schedule, or where you are in your cloth diapering journey - this class will be easily accessible and full of every bit of information you’ll need to make cloth diapering successful for you, your baby and your family. 

No... this won’t be like some book that you buy on Amazon and then you’re on your own.  It’s going to have tons of videos that will show you exactly what you need to know... what kinds of diapers are right for you... how to take care of them... what common pitfalls you might run into... even what it’s like to do a load of diaper laundry.   

And... after that you’ll get all the support you need once you start diapering. You’ll get direct access to us and other mommy pro’s to ask questions and get help. 

Here’s what I need from you guys:

The early version of the online class will be released in about a month. Because you’re on our email list you will get to have an early bird crack at it. We haven’t yet nailed down what the price will be for it yet, but you guys will be getting a huge deal (at least 50% off).   

We’ll be opening it up soon for you to be able to register. If you think that you or even someone you know might be interested in the class reply back to this email, and tell me that you would like to be on the list that will be getting the 50% off offer.  


P.S.  All through November we’re going to be doing a Cloth Diaper Tip of the Day.  Like our Facebook Page or follow our Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any of those! 

P.P.S.  Our giveaways have been amazing so far!  A few days ago we announced the winner of our Ergo Carrier contest.  Soon we’ll be giving you a chance to win free tickets into our first online cloth diaper class.