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Tip #4 - {Wool Dryer Balls}
Monday , 05 November 2012 , 02 : 46 PM
These little round wonders are amazing – anyone who says otherwise just hasn’t given them a chance :). Why do I love them so? Well, they’re a completely natural way of softening your clothes PLUS they reduce your drying time by up to 30%. Think of all the energy (and money) you’re saving! 
Wool Dryer Balls for Cloth Diapering

At my house, we have an old dryer that still works just fine but sometimes needed two runs to get our clothes really dry. After wool dryer balls, our clothes are done in one cycle, even towels and jeans. How do they reduce drying time so dramatically? The balls help lift and separate clothing, reducing static and drying time. They work by improving the circulation of heat and air through your wet items, making your dryer work smarter, not harder.

Also, when cloth diapering, you really shouldn’t use any type of dryer sheets because they have fabric softeners. The softeners can coat the drum of your dryer and transfer onto your diapers, making them repel moisture (the last thing you want, right??). Even if you line dry, these balls help soften your diapers if you throw them in the dryer for just a few minutes.

So how many do you need? I recommend at least 6 balls to get the best results but the more the merrier, especially when you’re looking to reduce your drying time (and you have babies who like to steal them and hide them under the couch when you’re doing laundry – again, the more the merrier, at least in our house). 

You can get a set at the boutique 6 for $32.00 which is about the going price. Initially they may seem pricey, but when you add up the energy savings, and any money saved on dryer sheets, then it’s a great investment. They’re greener, cleaner, and last forever. Plus, the ones we have at the boutique right now are super duper colorful (check out the picture for some of the fabulous colors we’ve got goin’ on right now). 

These are a great gift item as well, so keep them in mind for the holidays!

What do you think of wool dryer balls? Do you use them or would you use them?