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Tip #3 - {Storing Dirty Diapers}
Sunday , 04 November 2012 , 02 : 28 PM

Storing dirty diapers should be easy but all too often I hear of families over-complicating it. And with all the suggestions out there on how other people do it, I can understand why. Wet pail versus dry pail? Lid or no lid? Liner or no liner?

Here’s what we think… 

Dry pail. Wet pail is icky – basically you’re making “poop soup” and giving a fabulous breeding ground for bacteria to grow in your diapers. 

Lid optional. Putting on a lid traps in moisture, and even smells to some degree, and it isn’t necessary. I recommend a lid if you have a dog, or a toddler, however, since having a lid is going to keep your diapers in their pail where they belong.

Pail liner recommended. Why? Most pails are plastic, and the best pails are just cheaper garbage pails which is awesome but plastic is permeable. Odors and ick can get absorbed in and it’s very hard to get rid of. 

To ward off the worst of it, you should really bleach your bare pail every time you do diaper laundry but if you have a pail liner, you don’t need to bleach the container and you just throw the liner in with your diaper laundry. Easy peasy. 

What do you use for your dirty diapers?