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Tip #2 - {Homemade Cloth Wipe Spray}
Sunday , 04 November 2012 , 02 : 27 PM

There are a lot of premade wipe sprays on the market that work beautifully and are easy (I love Thirsties Booty Luster and Ruby Moon Wipe Bits for premade solutions). But since a lot of us cloth diaper to keep our budget in check, buying premade wipe sprays may not be possible financially all the time.

Luckily you don’t really need anything fancy to make your own! Here’s what I use to make sure Olivia’s bottom stays clean and healthy: 

*Coconut Oil
*Natural Baby Soap

Yup, three “ingredients”. You’ll need a cheap spray bottle also (the dollar store is a great place for this). Put a drop or two of coconut oil, a small drop of baby wash, and fill the rest with water. Shake, shake, shake. And…Tada! Cloth wipe spray. You may also want to shake, shake, shake before each use since the coconut oil can clump a bit with the cooler weather. 

Now, some people just use water and that’s totally up to you. I put the baby wash in for a little cleaning action, and the coconut oil to condition Liv’s bottom but also help the wipe glide easily. Some people also add essential oils, mainly tea tree oil, but please only do this if you have a good understanding of essential oils and know what you’re doing. 

And there you go! Cheap, easy, and great for your baby. What do you all use for your cloth wipe solution? Premade or homemade? If homemade I’d love to see your “recipes”!!