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Win your favorite color of Moby Wrap Free!
Saturday , 12 January 2013 , 09 : 07 PM
Moby Wrap Carrier

Imagine having your little one snuggled close, wrapped in soft fabric and warmed by your body in these cool winter months? Picture yourself having your hands free while you take care of chores around the house or go shopping at the grocery store or even play with and care for an older sibling. You can have it all easily with the simplicity of the Moby Wrap! 

The Moby Wrap will quickly become your favorite wrap because it’s easy, versatile, and perfect for recreating a womb like environment for your small babies. Sure, the long fabric takes a bit of practice (I won’t lie that it’s intimidating at first!), but after one or two wraps you’ll be a pro and your baby will be snuggled up next to you where they are the happiest. And a happy baby makes for a happy parent, right? 

We want to share our love of the Moby Wrap and give away one wrap to a lucky family! Just enter the contest by telling us your favorite wrap color and by giving us your email. You can obtain more entries by sharing your unique code for the contest, given after you enter. 

Contest runs through January 21st so you have plenty of time to get your entries in! 

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The winner will be emailed when the contest is over and will receive the Moby Wrap of their choice.