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Win an Ergo Soft Structured Baby Carrier
Thursday , 18 October 2012 , 11 : 11 PM
“Ooooh hi!.... she looks so happy!”

Ergo Carrier Back
It’s rare to make it through a shopping trip without being stopped at least a few times by other shoppers and the store clerks, all gushing about how happy Olivia looks in her Ergo. 

She beams great big smiles at strangers, secure in the fact that mommy and daddy are *right there* and she can be as social as she wants but still feel safe. We love that she’s comfortable and able to take in the world at her own speed.

You know what else we love? Being able to go shopping, for a walk, or on our other errands without having to worry about a stroller. Nothing is better than perusing the aisles with our hands free. 

The Ergo is comfortable and convenient, allowing us to strap her in and strap her out in seconds. We never leave home without ours!

Have you always wanted to try the Ergo? We know you’ll love it. 

Or... maybe you already have one. How would you like an extra one? A chance to try out a new color. Or be able to gift it to a friend?

Here’s what you gotta do for your chance at the free one. 

It’s simple. Click this link, tell us what your favorite color of Ergo is, then put in your name and email.

After that you can improve your chances. Share the contest with your friends. Each of them that enters will give you an extra ticket in the raffle. (A winner of the Amber Teething Necklace contest a couple weeks ago had a whopping 17 entries).

That's all for now.

Oh yeah... this contest ends on Oct 30th at 12 noon pacific time.