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Win a Baltic Amber teething necklace for your little one
Monday , 10 September 2012 , 11 : 55 AM

She’d chew on absolutely everything. Toys, book, our fingers (ouch!), even the coffee table.  She had sleepless nights and was irritable all day long. Been there? Its so frustrating, but we can’t blame our little one.

She's just about to cut another tooth. She’s in pain and all we want to do is help her. We’d try anything.

Thankfully, there’s an option that doesn’t involve pain killers or toxic chemicals.

It's the natural, traditional and homeopathic remedy called Baltic Amber. It's getting a ton of press these days. Parents all over the world are turning to amber as a way to help their kids through teething, help dull their pain {...and as a parent remain sane :-) }.

Now's your chance to try it out TOO! We’re giving away amber teething necklaces to 3 lucky families.

All we ask is that you tell us what you and your little one think.

This giveaway ends 10/10 at 12pm.

We'll announce the 3 winners that afternoon, send them and email and post it on Facebook.

Click here to sign up for your chance to win. It’s totally free and should only take about 15 seconds of your time.



P.S. Already have and love your amber necklace(s)? That's OK, you can still sign up and have a chance to win a backup or one for your (best) friend.