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    We're pleased to Introduce the Buboose Aqua Sling. The Buboose Aqua Sling will give you 2 hands free at the beach, in the pool or taking a shower. You won't need to wrestle with a slippery baby in or near the water, put them in the Aqua Sling and relax knowing that they are safe and secure.
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Thanks for visiting The Barefoot Baby, a naturally minded shop for families and little ones. Many of you know we started as a small boutique shop in Las Vegas and have slowly expanded into this beautiful online store. It’s just me, Kristin, and my husband Richard, and although we are in the process of relocating the shop here locally, we are proud to offer a variety of quality products for families online!

Our hope is to be able to serve and help more families as they navigate the path of cloth diapering, baby-wearing, and living healthier more natural lives. We are here to make things easy! So if you’re still scratching your head after looking at all of your options, feel free to shoot us an email or find us on Facebook we would love to help!

- The Barefoot Baby

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